Fighting the bite: how to beat mosquitoes this summer – Regina

Posted on 29/06/2019

REGINA – Regina has now beat the ten-year average in the number of mosquitoes around the city – a number that has risen dramatically since heavy rainfall in late June.

But now that much warmer temperatures are here, how do we enjoy the outdoors without putting up with those irritating bugs?

You can spray repellent, smack them off, but mostly, you’ll probably just be scratching the bite left behind.

1.  Homeopathic remedies

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Lesser-known options like Ledum can help you deal with the itch, or prevent it in the first place. It’s a tiny, plant-based, inexpensive pellet you put under your tongue.

Dr. Wendy Presant-Jahn, a naturopathic doctor, says Ledum assists in healing the puncture wounds that mosquitoes leave behind.

“If you take this before going into a mosquito area, then take it afterwards, it may reduce the number of bites you get and it may help them heal more quickly and be less itchy,” Presant-Jahn said.

2) Attack the source

Out in the yard, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. You can find it anywhere from eaves troughs to rain buckets.

Shawn Sherwood of Poulin’s Pest Control suggests Aquabac, a mosquito larvicide.

“There’s a bacterium dried into those granules. When they make contact with the water, the granules absorb the water and the bacterium comes out,” said Sherwood. “It finds the mosquito larvae that are hanging under the surface of the water.”

3) Mobile apps

A newer, less-proven remedy may come from your smartphone. Apps like ‘Anti Mosquito’ give off a high-pitched frequency, designed to deter the bugs.

“Any kind of vibration, (there may be) some kind of deterrent,” said Ray Morgan, the city of Regina’s forestry and pest control manager, who didn’t put much faith in the apps. “If you’re in a closed setting, it might work.”

4) Diet & race

Experts say mosquito resistence can be based on your ethnicity and the food you eat. Adding more garlic to your diet might help you give off a scent that mosquitoes won’t like.

“You may repel mosquitoes and your friends, but what’s more important? Not getting bitten,” Present-Jahn said with a laugh.

There are so many ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes this summer, but if you choose to go without, your only defense may be to get them – before they get you.