No truce: What does Hamas demand to agree to a ceasefire with Israel? – National

Posted on 29/07/2019

Watch above: Eric Sorensen on the brief hope for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

There was a brief period of hope for an end to rocket fire from the Gaza Strip and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes.

Israel agreed to an Egyptian-proposed temporary ceasefire Tuesday morning.

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But Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls the Gaza Strip and whose military wing has launched the lion’s share of the more than 1,000 rockets into Israel since July 8, rejected the proposed ceasefire outright.

A Tuesday morning statement from the Hamas’ military wing, the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades equated the proposal to “a surrender.”

“The blood of the martyrs will not go to waste and no side can undo the gains of resistance,” the statement read, according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “Our battle with the enemy will escalate and we will be true to the blood of the martyrs.”

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“The resistance will continue until all the demands of our people are met,” the statement added, according to the New York Times.

At least 200 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have died since Israel’s began airstrikes last week and another 1,400 have been injured. Israel said Tuesday the first Israeli civilian had been killed, near the Erez Crossing into Gaza, as a result of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Here’s a look at some of the demands Hamas has made as conditions to a truce with Israel.

End to Israeli blockade:

This would include ending both the Israeli airstrikes that have caused what the United Nations called “immense damage” in Gaza and an end to Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has limited travel and trade in and out of the tiny piece of land since 2007—the year Hamas took power.

Israel claims the land, air and sea blockade is necessary move to prevent weapons from entering Gaza. Humanitarian groups such as Amnesty International and Oxfam say the blockade is collective punishment and has left Gazans “largely cut off from the outside world.”

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Rafah border crossing

Egyptian president, former military commander Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, closed off the crossing last year following the July 2013 overthrow of then-President Mohammed Morsi and the subsequent crackdown on the Hamas ally the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rafah is the only land crossing into Gaza that isn’t controlled by Israel.

Sisi’s government also destroyed hundreds of tunnels into the Egyptian Sinai.

Germany’s Der Spiegel reported last year these tunnels were Gaza’s principle source of food and construction goods, with 65 per cent of the territory’s flour, 98 per cent of its sugar and all its steel and cement coming through clandestine routes.

Release of prisoners

Hamas negotiated the release of more than 1,100 prisoners in 2011 when the group handed over Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit after five years in captivity.

Israel recaptured some of those same released prisoners in massive sweeps of Palestinian communities in the West Bank following the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers June 12. During these sweeps Israel, accusing Hamas of being responsible for the abduction and murders, arrested more than 500 people.

The Times of Israel quotes an unnamed Hamas official saying Israel has no proof those were rearrested had any connection to the teens’ kidnapping and murder.

Tiger Woods no favourite for British Open – National

Posted on 29/07/2019

Tiger Woods is not 100 per cent healthy, he’s played just one event since having back surgery, and it is eight years since he won his last British Open at Royal Liverpool, the site of this week’s tournament. And given all of that, for one of the first times in his remarkable career, Woods is not the favourite heading into one of golf’s major championships.

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British odds makers have Woods, who has played a single event since March and had surgery on his back, at 25-1 to win the British Open. That puts him behind the likes of Justin Rose, who won the Scottish Open last week, current No. 1 golfer Adam Scott, and Irish star Rory McIlroy.

Woods won the 2006 British Open by playing conservatively and hitting irons off the tee. He finished the event at 18-under par.

American Phil Mickelson, who won last year’s British Open, says the tournament benefits from having Woods in the field, even if he’s not in top form.

“He’s also somewhat defending champion, given that he was the last person to win here at Royal Liverpool,” Mickelson says. “We all benefit from having him in the tournament. We are just glad he’s back. He’s back a lot earlier than I think a lot of us thought. That’s only been beneficial, and hopefully he’ll play well.”

For Woods’ part, he says his physical condition is improving.

“Once I started getting stronger, more stable, I could work on my explosiveness, and start getting my speed back,” he says. “Each and every week I’ve gotten stronger and faster.”

That doesn’t mean he’s all the way back, however, and golf is a notoriously hard sport to excel at if the player is not fully healthy. However, in the past Woods has played through injuries, including winning the 2008 U.S. Open on a fractured leg.

“[I’m] probably not quite at the level that I think I can be at as far as my explosion through the golf ball, but I’m pretty, pretty darn close,” he says.

That doesn’t mean Woods should be expected to be in the mix at Hoylake, the name locals use for Royal Liverpool. Golf fields are deep and Rose, who won last year’s U.S. Open at Merion, is one of the favourites. McIlroy shot the course record during the first round at Royal Aberdeen, site of last week’s Scottish Open, and German Martin Kaymer is in the midst of an exceptional year as well, with a victory at the U.S. Open at Pinehurst in June.

As well, when Woods last won at Hoylake, the course was baked brown from drought, allowing him to play an exacting game that utilized irons off the tee to avoid bunkers. It was a stunning display, but the course is a darker shade of green this year, and Woods’ strategy likely couldn’t be repeated this week.

He also acknowledges the fields have gotten stronger and at 38, and hobbled by injuries in recent years, there is a chance he’s past his prime.

“I think (winning) gets harder every year, just because there are more guys with a chance to win,” Woods says. “It’s just getting deeper. It’s getting harder to win. The margin is so much smaller. It’s only going to continue to be the case. Guys are going to get longer, they’re going to get faster. Guys who are coming out here are bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic.”

And Woods admits he’s not the same golfer or person he was when he won at Royal Liverpool. He’s been at the centre of a notorious sex scandal and faced numerous injuries. He’s also reworked his swing, yet again, under Canadian Sean Foley.

“I’ve got a completely different golf swing than I did in 2006,” he says. “A lot of aspects of my game and life have changed since ’06.”

Players to watch:

Graham DeLaet—The only Canadian in the field, though Brantford, Ont.’s David Hearn is the first alternate and likely to get into the tournament. DeLaet has made over $2-million this year and is 28th on the FedEx Cup standings, but hasn’t had a Top 10 finish since May and missed the cut at the U.S. Open. This is his second British Open appearance.

Justin Rose—The winner of the Scottish Open, Rose also won the Quicken Loans title at the start of July. He’s arguably the hottest golfer on the planet, but doesn’t have an exceptional recent record at the Open Championship, having missed the cut in his last two appearances. He did, however, break out at the tournament as an amateur, finishing T4 in the 1998 British Open.

Martin Kaymer—Having won the Players Championship and the U.S. Open, Kaymer is an easy favourite this week. He plays a controlled, smart game, and won at Pinehurst No. 2, a course that played firm and fast, very much like the links used for the British Open.

WATCH: Province cracking down on illegal structures – BC

Posted on 29/07/2019

They are all over lakefront properties—illegal docks, decks and other structures.

Now the Provincial Government is cracking down.

Doug and Brenda Elmore live in Kelowna’s McKinley Landing area.

Eleven years ago they built a small deck adjacent to their dock on crown land.

They admit they built it without permission.

They say they paid a small fine and no one said anything since.

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But earlier this year when they were applying for their dock tenure renewal license they received notice from the Provincial Government that the adjoining deck is trespassing on crown land and must be removed.

The Elmores say they’re not the only ones who have made modifications to their waterfront property.

From McKinley Landing, where the Elmores live, to the beach front along Abbott street, there are illegal structures everywhere.

The difference in their case they say is that there is no real shoreline here and removing their small deck will not improve public access to the lake.

“In order to access this lakeshore, they have to access through private property, ours or the neighbors and there is nowhere to go. It is very rugged here. It is not diminishing public enjoyment of property and it will not improve our enjoyment of the property,” says Brenda Elmore.

The province also says the deck is on prime kokanee spawning ground but the couple hired a biologist who says the deck may actually enhance fish habitat with the shade it provides.

All the couple wants now is to apply for permission to occupy a piece of crown land but even that is not an option.

” I am confused why it could not be classed as anything else other than trespassing that I could not be granted permission. Apparently they are not processing applications for permission,” says Doug Elmore.

The Elmores have been given until October 31st to remove their deck.

Government has told them failure to comply can result in a 20-thousand dollar fine and 60 days of jail time.

The couple has filed an appeal and is now waiting to hear back.

Saskatchewan Tornado Hunters featured in web series

Posted on 29/07/2019

TORONTO – A team of Saskatchewan’s own extreme weather chasers are being featured in a new web series titled Tornado Hunters.

CMT苏州纹眉学校 is launching its first-ever online series on Aug. 18.

Using sophisticated technology, the experts travel thousands of kilometres across Canada and the United States risking their lives to capture footage of breathtaking weather phenomena.

Regina’s Greg Johnson is the public face of Tornado Hunters and has become one of North America’s top professional storm chasers and photographers.

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  • Storm activity brings chasers out in droves

    Tornado hunter on last season

  • Saskatchewan tornado hunter recalls close call in Oklahoma

With over a decade of experience, Johnson has an appetite for hunting down thunderstorms and twisters.

Teammate Chris Chittick starred in the Discovery Chanel’s Storm Chasers and has 15 years of extreme weather experience. He is originally from Greenville, Michigan but moved to Saskatchewan to be with his Canadian girlfriend.

Saskatchewan product Ricky Forbes takes the driver’s seat in their “indestructible” storm-chasing truck, navigating fearlessly through each endeavor.

This adrenaline junkie went graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and currently makes his home in Alberta.

Online viewers can witness a first-hand look at the trials and errors that come with pursuing Mother Nature’s most destructive forces.

Watch a preview of Tornado Hunters below:

The five web-based episodes will prepare for the official broadcast pilot set to air on CMT Canada at a later date.

LISTEN: Comcast rep painfully tries to keep customer from cancelling Internet – National

Posted on 29/07/2019

TORONTO – All Ryan Block wanted to do was cancel his Comcast Internet service. Unfortunately, he got the customer service rep who didn’t want to let him go without a fight.

In an eight-minute audio recording of his call with a Comcast retention specialist posted online, Block calmly asks multiple times to cancel his service as the employee attempts to get him to stay.

Block tells him bluntly at one point, “I’m not interested in your services any longer.”

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The rep jumps back with, “You’re not interested in the fastest Internet in the country?”

Block tells him he’s not interested, to which the rep asks, “Why is that?”

This back and forth continues with Block exhaustively asking for his service to be cancelled as the rep keeps trying to sell him on staying.

“Why don’t you want something that’s good service and something that works?,” “No one can guarantee speeds like we can!,” and “Why don’t you want the fastest speed?” are just some of the pitches the rep makes.

“Is this a joke? Are you punking us right now?,” Block asks five minutes into the recording.

Block says the recording starts after he and his wife were already on the phone with the person for about 10 minutes.

The call ends with the rep finally caving and cancelling Block’s service.

BELOW: Listen to Block’s call with Comcast

“The way in which our representative communicated with them is unacceptable and not consistent with how we train our customer service representatives. We are investigating this situation and will take quick action,” Comcast senior VP Tom Karinshak said in a statement released Tuesday.

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Block later tweeted that he hopes that means an evaluation of Comcast’s “culture and policies” and doesn’t mean the rep will be terminated.

Comcast is the largest cable and Internet service provider in the United States. The company reportedly made US$64B in 2013 with over 20M customers.

Student whose corneas eaten by amoeba a cautionary tale for contact lens wearers – National

Posted on 29/06/2019

TORONTO – Eye doctors are urging consumers to be scrupulous about cleaning and caring for their contact lenses following reports that a Taiwanese student lost her sight after microscopic bugs ate through her eyeballs.

The story, which went viral on social media this week, described how Lian Kao, 23, reportedly did not remove her limited-wear, disposable contact lenses for six months straight and even wore them while swimming.

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As a result, amoeba got under her lenses and tunnelled through her corneas, causing permanent damage that led to blindness in both eyes. The single-cell bug, called Acanthamoeba, can survive in tap water, swimming pools and hot tubs.

“While an amoeba burrowing into one’s cornea is certainly an extreme case, we want people to realize the importance of using contact lenses as prescribed,” said Dr. Tim Hillson, chair of the Eye Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. “Because they are worn directly on the eye, contacts create an environment that could lead to infections, corneal ulcers and, in rare cases, blindness.”

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Hillson said contact lenses decrease the amount of oxygen available to the corneas, which causes excess blood vessels to grow – the body’s way of supplying oxygen and nutrients to the eyes. Wearing lenses overnight severely compounds the problem.

“Those cells, when they don’t get enough oxygen, they are not as healthy as they usually are and they’re more susceptible to infection,” the ophthalmologist said Tuesday from Orillia, Ont., where he practises. “So there’s some bacteria clinging onto the contact lens and they have an opportunity to penetrate the cornea.”

Although having amoeba infect the eyes is a rare occurrence – Hillson said he saw a similar case years ago while a resident in training – it underscores the importance of using contact lenses as prescribed and keeping them clean.

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“Most people don’t get Acanthamoeba. It’s usually common bacteria like staphylococcus aureus or other skin organisms. So they’re not usually weird and wonderful things like this, but they’re common and can still hurt the corneas.”

“To lose the eye altogether, that’s rare, but you could have a scar on the cornea that affects your vision and you don’t correct to 20/20 anymore.”

If the eyes look red, feel sore or have a gooey discharge, those could be signs of infection requiring medical attention, he said.

Hillson said it’s critical to disinfect lenses nightly, preferably using one of the commercially prepared cleaning solutions, which contain chemicals that destroy micro-organisms.

“They’ve got to come out every night and the catchphrase we use is: ‘If in doubt, take it out,”‘ he said, advising that contact lens users get a pair of glasses they feel good wearing to give their eyes a breather.

“Generally, people who don’t like taking their contacts out, it’s usually a vanity thing. Just not liking their glasses. But a big, red, drippy eye is not exactly attractive either. So that’s worth remembering.”

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Balloons fill sky in tribute to family at centre of triple murder case

Posted on 29/06/2019

CALGARY- People around the province gathered to support a grieving Calgary family on Tuesday night, just one day after police announced that Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents were no longer considered missing, they were victims of homicide.

Five-year-old Nathan and Alvin and Kathryn Liknes haven’t been seen since June 30.

On Tuesday, Douglas Garland, 54, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder in connection with the case.

On Tuesday night, people across Calgary and in communities around the province including Lethbridge, Three Hills, Chestermere , and Airdrie gathered in a show of solidarity. Green candles were lit, and green balloons were released in honour of the victims.

WATCH: Lethbridge residents band together to release green balloons for the three victims of homicide.

“I wanted to release the balloons to show respect and sympathy for the family who has lost so much,” says Cindy Castiglione, who organized a balloon release in Lethbridge.

When asked why this story hits so close to come, Castiglione fought back tears and simply stated “a five year old boy.”

A makeshift memorial has also popped up in front of the Liknes’ Parkhill home, and green ribbons line streets in the neighbourhood. Many people have also changed their photos on social media to show a green ribbon with the names Nathan, Kathryn and Alvin.

Balloons being released in a park near the Liknes residence in Parkhill.

Gary Bobrovitz / Global News

Balloons being released in a park near the Liknes residence in Parkhill.

Gary Bobrovitz / Global News

Balloons being released in a park near the Liknes residence in Parkhill.

Gary Bobrovitz / Global News

Balloons released in Fish Creek Park.


The O'Brien family was in attendance at the tribute in Cougar Ridge.

Michael Lumsden/NewsTalk 770(CHQR)

Rod O’Brien stands amongst a crowd of supporters in Cougar Ridge

Michael Lumsden/NewsTalk 770(CHQR)

Balloons being released in Cougar Ridge.

Michael Lumsden/NewsTalk 770(CHQR)

Green ribbons line a street in Parkhill in support of the missing family.

A memorial in front of the Liknes’ home.

Gary Bobrovitz/Global News

A memorial in front of the Liknes’ home.

Global News / Reid Fiest

A mother and her son at a memorial for a missing Calgary family.

Gary Bobrovitz/Global News


Fighting the bite: how to beat mosquitoes this summer – Regina

Posted on 29/06/2019

REGINA – Regina has now beat the ten-year average in the number of mosquitoes around the city – a number that has risen dramatically since heavy rainfall in late June.

But now that much warmer temperatures are here, how do we enjoy the outdoors without putting up with those irritating bugs?

You can spray repellent, smack them off, but mostly, you’ll probably just be scratching the bite left behind.

1.  Homeopathic remedies

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Lesser-known options like Ledum can help you deal with the itch, or prevent it in the first place. It’s a tiny, plant-based, inexpensive pellet you put under your tongue.

Dr. Wendy Presant-Jahn, a naturopathic doctor, says Ledum assists in healing the puncture wounds that mosquitoes leave behind.

“If you take this before going into a mosquito area, then take it afterwards, it may reduce the number of bites you get and it may help them heal more quickly and be less itchy,” Presant-Jahn said.

2) Attack the source

Out in the yard, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. You can find it anywhere from eaves troughs to rain buckets.

Shawn Sherwood of Poulin’s Pest Control suggests Aquabac, a mosquito larvicide.

“There’s a bacterium dried into those granules. When they make contact with the water, the granules absorb the water and the bacterium comes out,” said Sherwood. “It finds the mosquito larvae that are hanging under the surface of the water.”

3) Mobile apps

A newer, less-proven remedy may come from your smartphone. Apps like ‘Anti Mosquito’ give off a high-pitched frequency, designed to deter the bugs.

“Any kind of vibration, (there may be) some kind of deterrent,” said Ray Morgan, the city of Regina’s forestry and pest control manager, who didn’t put much faith in the apps. “If you’re in a closed setting, it might work.”

4) Diet & race

Experts say mosquito resistence can be based on your ethnicity and the food you eat. Adding more garlic to your diet might help you give off a scent that mosquitoes won’t like.

“You may repel mosquitoes and your friends, but what’s more important? Not getting bitten,” Present-Jahn said with a laugh.

There are so many ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes this summer, but if you choose to go without, your only defense may be to get them – before they get you.

App raises money for Sask. animal rescues just by walking

Posted on 29/06/2019

REGINA – A new app allows you to raise money for the animal shelter of your choice, just by walking.

An Indiegogo campaign raised $20,000 for ResQwalk and now, each week, a donation pool is divvied up between the participating shelters in Canada and the United States, depending on how far supporters walked.

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This week, 620 shelters and rescues are part of the app and the donation pool sits at $1,000.

The Regina Cat Rescue, the Saskatoon Humane Society and SCAT (Saskatoon’s Street Cat Rescue Program) are three Saskatchewan charities on the list this week.

“I think people will find it really refreshing because we’re not asking them to open their pockets,” said Rachel Molnar with Regina Cat Rescue. “So far we’ve only raised about $4, but we’re hoping as more people download and start using the app we can raise a lot more.”

The $4 was raised by Regina Cat Rescue supporters walking a total of 8.79 kilometres last week. The money per kilometre changes each week depending on how many walkers partake and the distances travelled.

The Regina Humane Society applied to be on the ResQWalk app, so it’ll likely be added to the list next week.

“It really gives control to the donors on how they want to give,” said Karen Dackiw, development director with the Regina Humane Society.

ResQwalk was created by a couple in New York but it has a Saskatchewan connection.

“I don’t know if it’s a function of the fact that my husband is from Saskatchewan, so we have lots of good vibes coming through the province, but we just had amazing support,” said founder Bailey Schroeder. “The idea with ResQwalk is to be able to give people the opportunity to help, without having to spend any money or do anything outside of their daily routine.”

Schroeder is hoping to secure corporate sponsorship to continue the program beyond September, when the Indiegogo fund runs out.

UPDATE: Nose Creek residents displaced by Red Deer Creek wildfire allowed to return home

Posted on 29/06/2019

EDMONTON – Residents of the Nose Creek Settlement impacted by the Red Deer Creek fire are being allowed back in their homes at 6:00 p.m. Monday.

The evacuation zone has been reduced to areas south of the Wapiti River, west of Nose Creek to the BC border, west of Two Lakes Road to the BC border, and north of Township 61.

This is the same area that was affected by the July 15th Evacuation Order, with the exception of the Nose Creek Settlement where a total of 10 people had been evacuated from.

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  • UPDATE: Mt. Boucherie fire human caused

  • Canada wildfire forecast: Extreme threat in BC, Northwest Territories

  • Forest access restricted north of Banff due to forest fire

INFOGRAPHIC: How do this summer’s wildfires compare to previous years’?

All affected residents will be contacted by officials to let them know they can return home. Residents will remain on a two-hour evacuation notice.

The State of Local Emergency remains in effect and the Two Lakes Road remains closed. Access permits are being granted by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) on a case-by-case basis.

There are currently five active fires within the municipality; all are classified as being “held” except for the Red Deer Creek fire originating in B.C. On the Alberta side of the border, the Red Deer Creek fire is being held at the Narraway River, but is classed as out-of-control due to the wildfires in British Columbia.

READ MORE: Parts of Alberta, B.C. under evacuation alerts and orders due to wildfires

The total fire size is estimated at 34,827 hectares. The Alberta portion of the fire continues to be around 3,000 hectares.

Information updates from the municipality will be provided at mdgreenview.ab苏州纹眉学校 and on twitter @mdgreenview16.