Quebec launches Amber Alert app – Montreal

Posted on 30/08/2019

MONTREAL – iPhone and Android users can now be informed quickly when Montreal police, the Sûreté du Québec or the RCMP issue an Amber Alert.

The Quebec Amber Alert app called Amber QC was launched Tuesday after a year of planning.

It takes a few minutes to download and people will get information on the missing child, any suspects and any car involved in the case.

It’s a free app in French only but police say they’re working hard on an English version.

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  • Baby taken from hospital found safe and sound: Quebec police

Quebec police aren’t the first to use and app for amber alerts, but they are the first to try a new approach.

“We’re not the first to have an app. We are the first to have a geo-locator included,” explains Sûreté du Québec spokesperson Gregory Gomez del Prado.

“It tells people how close they are to the scene of the kidnapping and gives them a better idea of where they should be looking.”

Amber Alert information can also be found on the Quebec Amber Alert Facebook page and on the Sûreté du Québec’s 桑拿会所 page.