Saskatchewan Tornado Hunters featured in web series

Posted on 29/07/2019

TORONTO – A team of Saskatchewan’s own extreme weather chasers are being featured in a new web series titled Tornado Hunters.

CMT苏州纹眉学校 is launching its first-ever online series on Aug. 18.

Using sophisticated technology, the experts travel thousands of kilometres across Canada and the United States risking their lives to capture footage of breathtaking weather phenomena.

Regina’s Greg Johnson is the public face of Tornado Hunters and has become one of North America’s top professional storm chasers and photographers.

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With over a decade of experience, Johnson has an appetite for hunting down thunderstorms and twisters.

Teammate Chris Chittick starred in the Discovery Chanel’s Storm Chasers and has 15 years of extreme weather experience. He is originally from Greenville, Michigan but moved to Saskatchewan to be with his Canadian girlfriend.

Saskatchewan product Ricky Forbes takes the driver’s seat in their “indestructible” storm-chasing truck, navigating fearlessly through each endeavor.

This adrenaline junkie went graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and currently makes his home in Alberta.

Online viewers can witness a first-hand look at the trials and errors that come with pursuing Mother Nature’s most destructive forces.

Watch a preview of Tornado Hunters below:

The five web-based episodes will prepare for the official broadcast pilot set to air on CMT Canada at a later date.