UPDATE: Pitt Meadows senior regains freedom after his scooter was stolen

Posted on 30/08/2019


A Pitt Meadows senior has regained his freedom thanks to the generosity of strangers.

After the story aired, the Golden Ears Kiwanis Club, Save On Scooters, Buck’s Garage Doors and Viewer Gary Yee came forward.

Barnett now has a new scooter, which will allow the 70-year-old to get out of the house and take his dog Angus on walks again.

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To protect his new property, there are plans to install a frame and garage door around Barnett’s car port — free of charge.  

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Life is like a jail cell for 70-year-old Alistair Barnett after he had his scooter stolen.

“I’m trapped,” says Barnett, “it’s like a life-sentence.”

Without his scooter, the Pitt Meadows man is using a walker, but he struggles to walk even a few steps.

“I’m denied access to almost anywhere.”

The senior has four collapsed discs in his spine, diabetes and other serious health issues.

He says someone walked into his carport Friday night, which doesn’t have a door, and stole his mobility scooter that was charging there.

The red scooter has a kangaroo emblem on front, a basket, and a Scottish flag behind the seat. The basket contains Barnett’s personal belongings.

The red scooter resembles the above photo.

“My dog keeps looking reproachfully at me saying when are we going on walks?”

Barnett used to take his small, energetic dog Angus for long walks while riding his scooter, but he can’t do that anymore.

“I can’t walk more than a couple of staggering steps.”

He says his furry best friend is also a victim, trapped inside their house, unable to enjoy the outdoors.

Alistair Barnett’s dog Angus. Barnett says he can’t walk his dog without his scooter.

Barnett’s scooter was a gift of mobility purchased by his wife, who cashed in part of her pension to pay for it.

She purchased it on sale for $2500 dollars, but it will cost $5000 dollars to replace, money that the couple says they don’t have.

“I don’t have any money. We’re barely getting by on the pension I’ve got.”

“Life at the moment is very difficult.”