Updated: Motorcyclist “lucky to be alive” after crash pins her under SUV – Regina

Posted on 29/03/2019

REGINA – A Regina woman believes she’s lucky to be alive after her motorcycle was trapped under an SUV following a crash in the south end of the city on Monday night.

“I’m in shock that I’m alive. I’m in shock that I’m here. I’m in shock that I’m at home not even 24 hours later,” said Rhonda Cwynar.

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Cwynar, who is the president of an advocacy organization for motorcyclists, suffered a cracked collarbone and a broken ankle after she was hit by a car while riding her motorcycle on Albert Street and Gordon Road.

Regina police were called to the scene at 9:51 p.m. They eventually charged the driver with impaired driving causing bodily harm and driving while exceeding 0.08.

At court on Tuesday morning, a publication ban was put in place as part of the request for release conditions for the accused. Global News is therefore not allowed to name the person charged, but eyewitnesses report that the female driver of the SUV was given a breathalyzer at the scene.

Cwynar said she lost consciousness during the collision but believes she was dragged underneath the car for about half of a block.

“I know I’m lucky to be alive. People have died in crashes that are less [severe] than that,” she said.

Cwynar was on her way back from a trip outside the city at the time.

Emergency crews had to elevate the SUV before they could extract her.

Cwynar said she’s suffered “minor” injuries and hopes there are no further problems, though “time will tell.”